I just came home from school with headache and totally tired, when I saw this on my desk.
It’s a little learn package from my girlfriend! ^//////////^
She knows that I have to learn a bunch of stuff for my finals in march and that I’m not motivated at all to start doing it.
The best part of it was opening the box and smelling her parfume as it spread in my whole room.
And I’m especially thankful for the energy drink. I really needed that right now!
(I’m going to wear her scarf tonight, when I’m going to sleep :3)

Ready to go!! \(^o^)/


DIY Kids’ Adventure Kit Tutorial from The Merry Thought here. This is such a good idea for a DIY gift a boy or girl would actually want. Top Photos: Anthropologie’s Child’s Activity Kit (no longer available) here, Bottom Photos: DIY by The Merry Thought.
Some of the items included in the Anthropologie Kit:
magnifying glass
canvas satchel 
notebook and pencil
set of collapsible binoculars
guide for tying sailor’s knots, 

truebluemeandyou: One of my favorite DIY gifts for kids. You could fill up a case pretty cheaply using Dollar Store suppies, Army Navy Surplus supplies and books on bird watching and insects you no longer use. Does this remind anyone else of the movie “UP”? 

DIY Easy Fairy Walnut Gift Box Tutorial from Curly Birds here. First seen at Soap Deli News here.

DIY 2 Woven Ring Necklaces from Stripes & Sequins. I’m including the bottom DIY because I found those directions easier to follow (for me).
Top Photo: DIY Velvet Ribbon and Rings Necklace Tutorial by Stripes & Sequins for ivillage here.
Bottom Photo: DIY Tory Burch Inspired Rope and Rings Necklace Tutorial from Stripes & Sequins here.

DIY Easy Nail Polish Galaxy Pendant Tutorial from Oh The Lovely Things here. For many more Galaxy DIYs go here (like copyright free NASA galaxy photos):